Monday, October 17, 2022

My Approach...


Goal setting is an important part of my life and a big reason for any success I’ve had. I set quarterly goals in 4 areas of my life and use those as a guide for my day-to-day activities to keep my compass pointed at my stated true-north. Each category has a ONE THING that has to get done, regardless of every other goal. I then report monthly on my progress and make adjustments to ensure success. At the end of each quarter, I do a summary and am honest about where I succeeded, where I failed and then set new goals for the next quarter. Following are the categories I use to plot out my path in life, along with my ONE THING(s) for each area for the 4th quarter of 2022:


·      Faith/Fidelity (self-improvement): Strive to know God and self and to become the best version of me possible. ONE THING: Finish historical fiction novel and get it out to members of my Tribe to review.

·      Family: Improve my family tree. ONE THING: Dedicated time with each member of my family every week.

·      Fitness: Be strong, fit and capable of defending myself and those close to me. ONE THING(s): Start a stretching program to increase strength and flexibility in my hips, back, neck and shoulders, which I've had issues with for years. Additionally, achieve a 3.5 minute plank, 15 pullups, 2.5 minute dead hang and gain 5 pounds of muscle (DEXA verification), boxing training, target practice.

·      Finances: Be financially unshakable. ONE THING(s): Create additional income stream. Start investing IRA back into the market. Intentionally reduce spending in one area. End quarter with a higher net worth than I began with...


Stay tuned for updates….

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