Sunday, August 6, 2023

75 Hard Challenge


Last weekend I returned from a 4-state trip to visit the grave-sites of veterans in my family tree from 4 different generations dating back to the Civil War, including Captain Bill Strong who fought in the 14th Kentucky Calvary and later led The Red Strings, an anti-KKK group in the Kentucky Mountains. Strong was also the leader of his side in the Strong-Callahan feud, which left hundreds of widows in what was the deadliest of all local conflicts in the Kentucky/Virgina/West Virginia region known for such feuds. I also visited the graves of my great-grandfather (WWI), three grandfathers (WWII) and two uncles (post-Vietnam era).


After returning, I made the decision to take the 75 Hard Challenge, created by successful business icon and owner of 1st Phorm and other businesses, Andy Frisella. The rules are simple:


1.     Take a progress picture everyday

2.    Drink a gallon of water each day

3.    Two 45 minutes workouts each day, with one being outdoors

4.    Follow a diet (including no alcohol)

5.    Read 10 pages of a self-improvements book


I’m on day 6 at the moment. And when I said the rules were simple, I meant exactly that. They are simple. However, they are not easy. It’s called 75 HARD for a reason. I told my accountability partners (two of my best friends who I text with daily): ‘Here goes nothing,’ fully expecting to not make it, as I had read the book but kept kicking the can down the road waiting on the best time to start. However, as each day goes by, I feel like I am gaining momentum, and am liking the way I look and feel and the added incentive of having a positive list of tasks to get done each day. And it’s nice to end each day knowing I was successful at something most would not attempt, let alone finish. Full transparency: my three biggest concerns with being able to complete this challenge include:

1.     Completing the tasks on the road: We’ll be traveling out of state Labor Day for the long weekend to visit family and getting in two workouts and eating clean will be difficult. Discipline and maybe some fasting will be required.

2.    Not drinking alcohol: It’s summertime and not drinking a cold beer after finishing yardwork, grilling, watching boxing or hanging out with family on a holiday will be difficult. But again, discipline is key.

3.    Drinking a gallon of water EVERY DAY. I’m in my 50s and pee enough as it is, but it seems like every neighborhood hill hike I go on ends with me almost sprinting home to do another water download.

 I’ll try to share weekly progress pics as I go, with the first ones coming on Tuesday (day 8, or just past the 10% mark).


Wish me luck…

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