Friday, August 11, 2023

Day 10 Update of 75 Hard Challenge


I completed Day 10 of 75 Hard yesterday and attached my Day 1 and Day 10 progress pics above. I feel like I was in decent shape for being in my 50s to begin with, so I wasn’t expecting much in the way of progress. However, I am pleased so far. I’ll summarize the rules, along with my summary to date:


·       Choose a diet and commit to it (and no alcohol) –  I’ve cut all sugar and junk food, with the goal of eating as much real food as possible, occasionally adding protein supplements to get the proper macros required to obtain my goals, which are to add some muscle without packing on any additional body fat, while also getting stronger in my core lifts. To date, I’m averaging 190 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs and 80 grams of fat per day, for around 2,100 calories, at 164 pounds body weight (as of yesterday). And while losing weight isn't a goal, I'm down 2.4 pounds and a half inch off my waist through the first 10 days.

·       Drink a gallon of water per day – Between the water requirements, coffee and flavored drinks I also get in, I’m consuming about a gallon and a half of fluids per day. And yes, I’m peeing A LOT. Fortunately, I get it done early and avoid having to get up too often at night. I also believe the extra fluids I am consuming help out with my a-fib, as I have experienced less frequent flutters, which are frequently brought on by dehydration.  

·       Two 45 minute workouts, one of which has to be outdoors – Nursing some bulging discs (neck/back) and a missing a chunk out of my hip means I have to be careful with my gym workouts, but I’ve found some exercises which allow me to feel the muscle throughout the range of movement without pain. I just have to be careful and utilize near perfect form in all lifts. Most of my outdoor workouts are neighborhood hill hikes and I’ve been fortunate so far to get rained on only a minimal amount. Heating pads and ice packs are helping keep the inflammation down from the increased workouts so far.

·       Read 10 pages of a nonfiction/entrepreneurship/personal development book each day – Through 10 days, I’ve read over 120 pages of The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and 50+ pages of Trejo’s Tacos by Danny Trejo. I’m also keeping a journal of daily life/business lessons learned from these readings.

·       Take a progress pic each day – so far, so good…


I’m an insomniac and also battle depression, and, while this hasn’t cured either, I feel like I’m getting more of the ‘deep’ sleep each night due to going to bed more tired from the workouts. As well, I’ve added deep-breathing to my daily routine, which does help to calm my runaway brain.

I chose this program because I’m a big fan of Andy Frisella and his message. My favorite quote of his is: ‘Personal excellence is the ultimate rebellion.” The program isn’t easy, nor is it for the faint of heart. I still am not confident that I will be able to complete it, but that’s why this is the perfect challenge for me. In addition to the health improvements and mental strength I am looking to get out of this challenge, I am also hoping to come out of this on the other side with a business idea which is why I'm journaling as I read. If all goes well, I'll hopefully update you again in 10-15 days….

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